Shah Rukh Khan takes viewers through a futuristic journey in Dubai Tourism’s new campaign

Published: June 3, 2022
Updated: June 3, 2022
Shah Rukh Khan

In Dubai Tourism’s latest ad campaign, Shah Rukh Khan takes viewers on a futuristic voyage.

The Emirate of Dubai continues to attract tourists, boosting its reputation as a global tourist destination known for its many cultures and architectural and civilizational marvels that captivate visitors. 

It’s a global marketing campaign aimed at reinforcing Dubai’s status as a tourist destination with a diverse range of attractions, with Shah Rukh Khan playing the lead role in the new video, which was dubbed “Create the Future with Shah Rukh Khan.”

The famous actor was seen exploring one of Dubai’s most famous and modern landmarks, the “Museum of the Future,” which is the first of its kind in the world and is a new edifice in the series of Dubai’s most wonderful wonders that drew the attention of people and media around the world, in what can be described as a sensory experience that allows visitors to see and interact with the future, in the most recent promotional film.

Thousands of viewers reacted warmly to the echo of “Dubai Progress’s” latest campaign, particularly on the “YouTube” site, with one commenting at the bottom of the video: “A better man promotes a better country, while another points out that he can do it now.” “Understand the value,” he continued, “because involving Shah Rukh Khan in a promotional video is not a simple undertaking.”

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Trek into the future

In this context, Issam Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, posted a video clip of the Indian actor on his own Instagram account, along with a comment that reads, “follow Shah Rukh Khan on his exploratory adventure to the mysteries of the Museum of the Future.”

In the latest commercial film, Shah Rukh Khan is shown leading viewers on a futuristic voyage, investigating the mysteries that hide within the future master, as an invitation to immerse themselves in the aesthetics of the Museum of the Future, and as proof that true travel is where the future begins.

During the filming clips, the Bollywood star stated that he learns about new areas every time he makes a teaser for Dubai, adding, “Dubai continues to surprise me since it has always been a city of invention and a beacon of tomorrow’s potential.” With the opening of the Museum of the Future, Dubai has cemented its reputation as a city that reminds us of the limitless possibilities that the future contains, which is why I enjoy visiting.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Positive comments

Looking at the response to “Dubai Progress’s” recent campaign, specifically on the “YouTube” platform, a large audience of over tens of thousands expressed positive sentiments, with one commenting at the bottom of the video, “An ideal man is promoting an ideal country,” while another said, “It can now be done.” 

Understand the importance of Dubai, since integrating Shah Rukh Khan in a promotional film is never an easy feat,” she says, adding that the clip is excellent. On the other side, many people thought that the concluding statement of the promotional film, “the future will be for those who can envisage it,” was the most beautiful.

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