IXCEED Presents Powerful Recruitment Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Published: June 21, 2022
Updated: June 22, 2022
Yogita IXCEED Presents Powerful Recruitment Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
IXCEED Presents Powerful Recruitment Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Yogita Tulsiani, Co-Founder iXceed Solutions

With new innovative developments in data analytics and AI, the recruitment sector is in a good position to shift. With the current hype around the industry, many businesses are now striving to offer solutions that reduce manual efforts and produce efficient results.

With this in mind, iXceed Solutions, a UK headquartered – recruitment consultancy firm, is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions to  the global  markets.

Founded on the grounds of innovation , this AI-powered organization , iXceed Solutions provides tailored recruitment solutions to clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East , South East Asia , India, and the United States. To build solutions in the recruitment area, the company uses an AI-based recruitment solution. It currently has a 40% growth rate and a revenue of about USD 10 Mn ,!

Headquartered in London, UK, iXceed has offices in Warsaw, Poland, Noida, and  Rajasthan. The company continues to grow and thrive in the industry with its significant offerings.

IXceed is flexible in its approach and offers customized solutions to businesses as per their needs. They are led by the mission to connect world-class talent with global organizations in ways that make work incredibly meaningful, valuable, and beneficial for everyone they associate with.

Products That Are Considered Flagships

iXceed Solutions now offers four key service lines, which are listed below.

Talent  Services

iXceed provides end to end recruitment  services to the top tier and mid tier IT organizations Scaleups and Startups in the fast growth environment

Managed Talent Solutions

iXceed works closely with clients to build, organise and manage their contingent workforce. They make recommendations that can deliver immediate payback through reduced costs, enhanced productivity and lower compliance risks. They also design and implement the MSP programme, and recommend the best Vendor Management System (VMS) technology partner to complement the programme. iXceed mobilises an MSP delivery team that takes full responsibility and works closely with clients to drive continuous improvement

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

iXceed has built scalable, fully-integrated on-site recruitment process outsourcing models that combine with the client’s business culture. iXceed takes full accountability for the management of the organization -wide recruitment process

Enterprise Services

They provide  various technology solutions for  global enterprises .

Namely- Identity & Access management , Data Management & Analytics , SAP services , Salesforce ,Mobility ,  App Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning techniques have been used at iXceed Solutions in a variety of ways, including automated candidate sourcing, AI-powered chatbots for interacting with candidates, and candidate rediscovery, in which AI-powered software searches and grades previous applicants in the applicant tracking system.

Other AI-powered applications are utilized for video interviews, where many data points are created based on facial expressions, word choice, and intonation to gain access to the candidate.

Candidate assessment and pre-selection where AI-driven tools automate the candidate sourcing process by sorting the resumes database to find those candidates who are the best fit for the open positions, and job advertising where machine learning helps in automating the candidate sourcing process by sorting the resumes database to find those candidates who are the best fit for the open positions.


To differentiate itself from the competition:

IXCEED employs AI and machine learning-powered talent solutions, which are changing the way the industry views talent management.

Furthermore, the RPO solution is based on strict standards that produce essential business outcomes for the client. Aside from that, IXCEED develops solutions in the recruitment space using an effective and reliable procedure. This keeps the company ahead of the curve in terms of innovation.

R&D is an important part of technological development, and we’ve taken some steps in that direction.

IXCEED Presents Powerful Recruitment Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

iXceed Solutions was ranked first amongst the 5 most prominent HR Tech start-ups that are using technology to transform recruitment  by CXO Outlook & H2S Media

Our Director was awarded one of the most admired global Indian by Passion Vista magazine In Jan 2022

We were awarded the Extraordinaire brand by Nex Brands in March this year in Mumbai 

We were awarded – Ace Women leaders to watch in 2022 by Business Connect

Our Director won the – Titan business award for – Entrepreneur of the year 2022

Our Director has been recognized amongst the Top 4 female Entrepreneurs behind the startup ecosystem by BW Businessworld.

Our Director has been featured amongst Top 4 Women entrepreneurs thriving the startup tech industry by PinkVilla.

Our Co-Founder was awarded with the – Top 100 Digital Influencers 2020 globally’ by ‘Yourstory Media’.

The company has launched new business lines centered on digital solutions.

Employ cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create a long-term business.

Using AI-based talent solutions, which are changing the way the recruiting sector thinks.

Simplified processes and reliable delivery

Digital skills such as PEGA, UI/UX, Sitecore, Adobe Enterprise Manager, full-stack development, SAP skills, Infrastructure Engineering such as DevOps, IaaS, PaaS, testing technologies such as SDET, Big Data for BI/DW, data architecture, data governance, and cloud technologies through cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are all part of the iXceed tech stack.

Differentiation in Hiring Phase

To set itself apart from the competition, IXCEED employs AI and machine learning-powered talent solutions, which are changing the way the industry views talent management. The corporation leverages the benefits of offshore delivery while adhering to all local rules. Its success is built on a solid foundation of local knowledge.

Tulsiani responded that the organization searches for good people rather than need-based hiring when asked how it deals with the talent shortage. The organization usually looks for technical talents, recruitment ability, and appropriate customer exposure.

Culture and Roadmap

They promote a culture of  growth, freedom, fairness, and sucess.

Employees are exposed to a diverse range of clients and have the option to work on a number of projects. The company is committed to its employees’ success and will do all possible to assist them in achieving their objectives.

They have developed an environment at IXCEED where staff may express their thoughts and ideas. An open-door policy has been created to ensure that any employee, regardless of position, can approach the leadership at any moment without reluctance.

The organization also provides several training opportunities and places a strong emphasis on staff upskilling and training. The culture is very competitive, with a strong emphasis on healthy competition that promotes everyone’s growth and development.

iXceed Solutions is currently growing in terms of clients, revenue, employee count, and service offerings, and by 2025, the firm hopes to be a well-known and respected force in both the US and the Middle East markets.

More About iXceed Solutions

iXceed Solutions is a global leader in providing Fortune 500 firms with talent and digital solutions, with an emphasis on the technology, IT consulting, and engineering consulting areas. For their clients, the unique strategy has resulted in tremendous growth.

They are constantly looking for new methods to improve their operations by incorporating cutting-edge technology and tool sets that will enable them to better serve the clients.

Their Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions provide clients and applicants with the best-in-class experience. iXceed’s clients have selected them to design and outsource best-in-class recruitment solutions  for their businesses. The company believes that by combining technology and talent, they can assist their clients to gain a competitive advantage.

iXceed has made a mark in the field of Talent and holds a successful track record of being a leading Enterprise Services and Digital solutions provider. Having served multiple Fortune 500 companies, iXceed continues to walk on the motto of delivering results that exceed the customer’s expectations.

Visit iXceed Solutions today and take your first step towards an improved business sphere!

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