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Set up a Christmas tree recycling business

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In recent years, the purchase of natural Christmas trees has become a fruitful business. Many are the sites that offer them to the public, such as nurseries, farms, sawmills and convenience stores.


The problem for Christmas consumers comes when the holidays are over and they don’t know what to do with them. The worst thing is that many times it is the city that suffers the consequences of this holiday custom, since once the festivities are over, it is common to see abandoned trees on public roads.

Then, the disposal of the Christmas tree becomes almost as important a concern as the decoration, especially now that the care of the environment is vital.

In Mexico, the Federal District Government has existed recycling campaigns such as ” Tree by Tree, your City Green “. However, efforts are still insufficient and the system needs entrepreneurial help to strengthen it.


This post-Christmas scenario represents an interesting opportunity for the joint development of programs between the government and the private sector.

Your business may consist of collecting trees at home to prevent them from being abandoned on public roads, relieving the neighbors and the city. To achieve this, you must contact all distribution and sales points (at Christmas time) to build a database of buyers.

Then, once the month of January has started, you should contact your potential customers and draw up a collection route. The cost of this service can be absorbed between the sellers, authorities and the consumer.

It will also be useful to know that the recycling process consists of putting the trees in special machines that reduce them to splinters. In this way, the product is sold as a raw material to the wood chipboard and cellulose-paper industry. On the other hand, if the chipper is adjusted to produce sawdust, the resulting material is excellent for composting.

More information in the Government of the Federal District – Ministry of the Environment and in the delegations of Mexico City.

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