Actor Sonu Sood Launches A New Social Media App Called Explorer

Published: June 10, 2022
Updated: June 10, 2022
Sonu Sood launches Explorer, a social media app
Sonu Sood launches Explorer, a social media app

Sonu Sood launches Explorer, a social media app

Sonu Sood, a Bollywood actor, has introduced the new artificial intelligence-enabled social networking app ‘explorer.’ The software is designed for travelers because it tracks their trip plans. Sonu Sood, a Bollywood actor turned entrepreneur, launched his social networking app, explorer, on Tuesday.

Sonu Sood, a Bollywood actor, has created explorer, a new social networking app dedicated to travel and discovering new locations. Sonu Sood and CEO Jitin Bhatia co-founded the explorer app. 

Users may connect and share their travel and lifestyle events with friends and family via the new social media app. The explorer’s motto isn’t here, thus no Ghoshal! It’s rather intriguing. The new social media app intends to reward social media users with nothing but entertainment value.

Sonu Sood launches Explorer, a social media app

According to the website of the social media app, “explorer is a social networking app built on Artificial Intelligence.” It provides consumers with more than simply check-in.” The social networking company has stated that it wants to create unforgettable moments through tailored travel and reward users for connecting more.

Sonu Sood revealed why he is interested in this new social networking app. “We’ve been working on this software for the last 2.5 years,” he explained. When Jitin informed me about this app, I knew I wanted to make something that would benefit the online community as well. People spend a significant amount of time on social media. They pay but receive nothing in return; through the Made-in-India app, I want to offer something back to the people.”

Features of the explorer App

The new Explorer app allows users to contribute photographs and videos from their journeys to create a digital travel vlog. It stores precise information on the cities, countries, and continents visited by users. Aside from that, the app adds the place to your ‘bucket list’ in order to display travel details and communicate future trip plans.

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What distinguishes explorer from other apps? There are other such features, but one of the primary differences between the app and other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is that all Verify users will have a blue tick here.

Users who spend time on the explorer app will also receive discounts and other freebies. Instead of merely chatting, Sonu Sood’s explorer software will provide you with actual rewards. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the explorer app will deliver benefits that these foreign social networking applications cannot.

The app offers several features, but one that stands out is that all verified users will get the Blue Tick, unlike other social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which only give it to people with a large following or to famous figures and influencers. 

The software is constructed in such a manner that the amount of time spent on the app earns users prizes in the form of discounts, coupons, and so on, allowing companies to have direct sales.

“We have tie-ups with roughly 40 companies in India and are in negotiations with a few more global names as we speak,” Bhatia added. The brand is being utilized by people in 40 countries, and we aim to provide them with the finest experience possible through the app. 

There are around 4 billion social media users worldwide, and 76 percent of users upload images while on the move, therefore with our travel app, we want to provide them with something valuable in the form of prizes. The prizes are redeemable both offline and online.”

The app includes Bucket List, sharing Future Travel Plans, and rating destinations for the travel community, which includes influencers, bloggers, vloggers, creators, backpackers, travelers, and regular users. The platform makes the user experience gamified by rewarding them for interacting, sharing, and creating friends. The app has acquired $1 million in pre-Series A funding from a group of investors.

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