Maluma Fashion Chameleon

Published: March 21, 2022
Updated: April 2, 2022
Maluma Fashion Chameleon

About a couple of days after the January blizzard, Juan Luis Londoño Arias who’s a 28-year-old Colombian pop star and goes by the name Maluma chose to enter a Midtown Manhattan place of business which is close to the Macy’s leader store. 

Wearing quite a creatively colored, periwinkle, denim coat, and jeans, he’d some way or another figured out how to keep his stout soled white calfskin Prada boots unblemished, notwithstanding any of the waterways of slush on the walkways.

Like enchantment, not long after he appeared, the sun had got through the cloudy sky. Macy’s has been peering toward a coordinated effort with Maluma for a considerable length of time, as indicated by Durand Guion, the organization’s VP of design.

Maluma, who once in a while goes by the changed alter ego “Papi Juancho,” had quite recently shown up from his old neighborhood, Medellín, Colombia, where he enjoyed some time off from his hurricane work plan. 

He was in New York to advance two motion pictures: “Encanto,” the ridiculously well known, new energized Disney film about a captivated family home in Colombia, in which he plays a square-jawed heart breaker with streaming hair; and the romantic comedy “Wed Me,” in which he plays Jennifer Lopez’s cheating megastar life partner, Bastian.


His child blue outfit he wore that specific evening was from his first prepared-to-wear retail assortment, named Royalty by Maluma, a coordinated effort with Reunited Clothing and Macy’s, as most would consider being normal to be accessible in stores on March 24.

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However he was associated with the plan interaction, he hadn’t yet gotten an opportunity to glance through the completed assortment and he needed to see it prior to taking off to Europe to start off a visit

Hilda Batayneh, the executive creative director at Reunited Clothing, said about his openness throughout the design process “He’s never scared to try anything on — he’ll try on a women’s coat and be like, ‘I want this, let’s do this,’.The line really is Maluma. When you look at it, you can see him or pieces of him in every single piece.”

Twelve years earlier when Maluma was 16 years old, he decided to seek after music, as opposed to soccer, his first desired passion. In that time, he went from performing at quinceañeras in Medellín to playing in the fields. In 2018, that very year he sold out Madison Square Garden, he won the Latin Grammy Award for best pop vocal assortment for “F.A.M.E.” He has cooperated with Shakira, Madonna, and The Weeknd, among others.

“I’m building my empire,” he had once stated, in a melodious paisa accent, the Colombian inflection that rises and falls in a singsong way. “If I don’t do it right now, during the most productive moment in my life, before you know it, time will pass me by.”

“The sky in Medellín, to me, is special,” Maluma had once said, his pecan-colored eyes glinting harder than the outsize diamonds around his neck. “I don’t know, but I get there and I see the sky completely different from how I see it anywhere else in the world” he had further added.

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