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Is Your Diet Fad Or Fab? Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Is Here To Spill The Beans

Each and every food item out there is different and special as far as its components are concerned. For instance, fresh lime water is perfect for the summer, gajar ka halwa becomes comfort food for most people when the sweater weather sets in and a wholesome plate full of rice and dal for dinner ensures good sleep. Many of us also take tips from friends, family or the Internet to curate a diet that we think best fits us. But have you ever wondered if the food you eat is actually a wholesome diet or just a fad? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about identifying whether your food is simply part of a “fad diet trend” in her latest Instagram video. The nutritionist talks about the importance of traditional food items including seasonal sweets or the delicacies prepared during festivals.

Rujuta always encourages having simple homecooked meals

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If your diet plan is simply a fad, you are heading in the wrong direction, Rujuta says. The nutritionist states that a fad diet plan – which promises instant weight loss– may give you quick results but is unhealthy and does not help you in the longer run. Your diet should be a sustainable one, she adds.

In the video, she mentions three ways to identify a fad diet plan:

1. The first way to notice if you are on a fad diet is to note if your meals involve you eating one food group while ignoring others. This is wrong and unhealthy. She states, “If you categorise your food items only in the form of “calories”, “fat” or “protein” and ignore others, you are in trouble.” Sometimes, people completely drop sugar from their diet plan, even that’s not a wise decision she says.

2. A fad diet plan often picks up one nutritional tip from your culture or traditional cuisine and amplifies it. She states that if you were fasting once a month initially, and if you start fasting often to skip meals or suddenly increase the intake of a particular food item you are not following a healthy diet plan. For instance, Rujuta cites the example of using turmeric while preparing food and says that it is not healthy to suddenly quit eating it or start overconsuming it.

3. “Avoid weighing everything you cook in the kitchen or the food you eat,” Rujuta says, pointing that doing so is indicative of you being on a fad diet.

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She states that your diet plan must be designed on the basis of four Cs: common sense, culture, cuisine and climate. If you follow this, you’ll find yourself with a healthy diet.

Making a lot of diet changes in your lifestyle for instant results is not a healthy option. Choose your food wisely, always.

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