Dubai’s Museum of the Future 2022

Published: February 15, 2022
Updated: February 16, 2022
Everything you need to know about Dubai's Museum of the Future

Everything you need to know about Dubai's Museum of the Future 2022


Everything you need to know about Dubai’s Museum of the Future

If you are searching for the glittering glimpse of entering into your Future, then the exotic Dubai’s Museum of the Future is the perfect place to step in. The best part is that its tickets are completely available, and even the countdown is finally on to enter inside this extremely stunning place.

 Reports suggest that the Museum of Future is all set to open on Tuesday which is February 22. It is expected to burst its opening ceremony with immense exhibitions, futuristic tech, and an absolute floor entirely dedicated to children. 

The Museum will charge Dh145 for admission, but it will be free for children under the age of three, persons of determination, and Emiratis over 60 and up. Tickets are available for purchase on the Museum’s website, To enter the Museum, all visitors, including those who are entitled to free entry, must reserve a time slot.

It has been reported that Dubai’s Museum of the Future tickets are going on sale; here is your most awaited look at thai beautiful landmark. This exquisite Museum has already been named as being one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world. 

Additionally, his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, also praised it as “the most beautiful building on earth.”


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This incredible Museum of the Future is considered the first Museum of its kind. It’s designed by Killa Design and intensified with specified details with about 1,000 molds that are found to support fiberglass and stainless steel along with detailed Arabic calligraphy. 

While you enter into this Museum, you can easily expect to find beautiful as well as immersive future environments that have significantly merged science with technology in order to successfully explore future possibilities. After the opening, it was found that the first sneak-peek photos of this incredible place were revealed. 

The Museum of The Future, an intriguing portal to 2071, is envisioned as a home for the humanity of tomorrow, allowing visitors to travel through space and time to an unknown future.

Since tickets are conveniently available and nobody wants to miss the chance of visiting this beautiful Museum, it’s preferred that you book your seats online before you step in there. 

Also, there can be a huge public at this Museum, so buying tickets in person can be a bit of tedious work. It has been reported that MOTF will be open from 10 am to 6 pm daily, so you can book your tickets in between this time. Dubai’s Museum of the Future ticket price is Dhs145 per person, and for the children, it’s free. 

Yes, it’s true! Tickets for children to enter this stunning place are completely free. The best thing is that Emirati citizens aged above the age of 60, people of determination along with the people who are accompanying the caregiver, are also given free entries into these incredible museums. 


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