Expo 2020 Boosted Dubai Hotel Occupancy to a 15-Year High

Published: April 13, 2022
Updated: April 13, 2022
Expo 2020 Boosted Dubai Hotel Occupancy
Expo 2020 Boosted Dubai Hotel Occupancy

It has been reported that Dubai’s hotel occupancy reached a 15-year high last month extensively due to Expo 2020. 

The lodging business of Dubai has even announced 90% inhabitants in a solitary month interestingly after March 2007, brought about by the last a long time of Expo 2020, which finished on March 31.

Exhibition 2020 Dubai has also recorded around 24 million visits during the half-year out occasion held in Dubai, which invited 192 nations. The super occasion sped up the recuperation of the neighborhood economy after the Corona pandemic.

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Along with the hospitality area, retail, the travel industry, aeronautics, and numerous different enterprises profited from the Expo. 

A new report authorized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce found that 76.5 percent of organizations in Dubai said Expo 2020 Dubai supported business development, while 73.5 percent went into new associations.

This extensive Expo 2020 Dubai is well known as the Universal Exhibition, which was recently held in the United Arab Emirates from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

As per the information provided by STR, it was found that this high hotel occupancy level had reached approximately 91.7 percent in March, while normal day-to-day rates only hit Dh891.46 and income per accessible room (RevPAR) at Dh817.9.

STR further stated, “Like past renditions of Expo in Shanghai (2010) and Milan (2015), the end of the ‘mega event’ proved to be the busiest for Dubai. 

The last time monthly occupancy in Dubai reached 90 per cent was March 2007 when there were roughly 90,000 less rooms in the market.”

Even the ADR level was found to be Dubai’s second-most noteworthy of the pandemic period, behind December 2021, when it had arrived at Dh948.56, and market RevPAR was the most noteworthy since December 2015.

Along with that, STR had also stated, “When looking at daily data, occupancy was higher than 90 per cent for 25 days during the month with a peak of 96.0 per cent on March 24.”

There were about 759 hotels as well as hotel establishments accounted for in Dubai exclusively in January 2022 in comparison with 711 in January last year. 

Visitor evenings in January were at 3.04 million during that very month in the current year contrasted with 2.65 million in January 2021, as indicated by a Dubai Chamber’s new report.

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