China’s COVID Policy Locks Down a City Three Times the Size of New York

Published: April 19, 2022
Updated: April 19, 2022
China's covid policy
China’s COVID Policy

China’s COVID Policy

China’s covid policy As the pandemic has outraged the globe once again, countries have started introducing restrictions once again. 

China’s most recent influx of Covid limitations has constrained a large number of individuals – approximately threefold the number living in New York City – to remain at home and go through mass infection testing in the city of Shanghai.

As Covid cases were also found to the spike in late February, Shanghai had attempted to control the flare-up by focusing on neighbourhood lockdowns. 

In any case, the city, middle for the worldwide vehicle, assembly, money and exchange, chose in late March to carry out a full-fledged two-stage lockdown that before long applied to all regions, for the most part constraining individuals not to leave their condos.

The accompanying numbers demonstrate the size of Shanghai as a financial focus – and may allude to the expense of the lockdown.


It is reported that Shanghai’s true, long-lasting residing population in 2020 was 24.9 million.

That is somewhat not as much as Australia’s populace of 25.7 million, per the World Bank. Be that as it may, it’s just 1.8% of China’s 1.41 billion individuals. With regards to U.S. states, Shanghai is between the size of Florida (pop. 21.8 million) and Texas (pop. 29.5 million).

China's covid policy

While in regards to U.S. urban communities, Shanghai is multiple times the size of New York City (pop. 8.3 million) – the biggest city in the United States.

That implies the 280,120 Covid contacts Shanghai has announced as of Thursday for the most recent flare-up addressed by just 1.1% of the city’s populace.


Coming to the GDP, Shanghai’s GDP was found to increase by 8.1% in 2021 to 4.32 trillion yuan ($680.31 billion). That GDP is somewhat more than Sweden’s ($660.92 billion) and not as much as Poland’s ($720.35 billion), as indicated by the IMF.

Be that as it may, Shanghai’s GDP was just 3.8% of China’s public GDP of 114.37 trillion yuan in 2021, as indicated by true figures.

Global Trade Centre:

Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River, one of the two fundamental waterways in China. As indicated by Bernstein, it said,

Shanghai is home to the world’s most active port, trailed by Singapore. Shanghai’s Pudong air terminal is the world’s third-most active freight air terminal, behind Memphis, Tennessee, and Hong Kong. Taking all things together, Shanghai represented 7.3% of China’s commodities and 14.4% of imports in 2021, as indicated by Citi.

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Consumer Hub:

In Shanghai, official figures for 2021 show:

Normal discretionary cash flow of 78,027 yuan ($12,288) – over two times the cross country normal of 35,128 yuan ($5,531).

Normal purchaser expenditure of 48,879 yuan – additionally twofold the public normal of 24,100 yuan.

U.S. discount chain Costco picked Shanghai for its first central area China store in 2019. Shanghai is home to three of the main 20 colleges in China, as indicated by the U.S. News and World Report.

The number of outsiders living in Shanghai tumbled to 163,954 individuals in 2020, somewhere around 21% versus ten years sooner, as indicated by official censuses. The southern territory of Guangdong is presently home to the most outsiders in China, with more than 400,000.

Manufacturing & Corporate center:

As indicated by Citi, Shanghai is China’s:

Most significant semiconductor fabrication focus, home to SMIC, Hua Hong and Universal Scientific Industrial.

Home to numerous automakers: SAIC Motor, SAIC’s joint organizations with Volkswagen and GM, Nio, Tesla and Ford.


The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the world’s third-biggest by market capitalization, behind the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq as of the finish of 2020, as indicated by World Federation of Exchanges information referred to by the trade.

The U.S. shared reserve monster Vanguard reported in 2020 an arrangement to move its Asia central command to Shanghai from Hong Kong.

Constancy’s China finance business is situated in Shanghai, as is American extremely rich person Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater China activities.

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