Children Above 5 Can Now Get Pfizer Covid Vaccines in Dubai

Published: February 4, 2022
Updated: March 3, 2022
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Dubai residents rush to get their small children vaccinated after the announcements that 5-year-olds and above can now get the Pfizer-BionTech Covid-19 vaccine. 

Families consider this Dubai Health Authority’s announcement at the perfect time as most of the international schools in the emirate are planned to close on February 11 for the mid-term break. After getting vaccinated, children would be able to freely roam to their home countries and many other destinations. 

A totally different section is created for children at the Oud Metha vaccination center, which is fully decorated with various balloons and cartoons to help pupils go about with the vaccination process easily. 

Parents share their experience of the first day as quite smooth since vaccination was administered within 15 minutes after arriving at centers. 

Some even made efforts to bring their children directly from school to beat the excessive rush expected to flood in the coming days. 

“Today is the first day that they are offering vaccines to such young children, and we just rushed. It’s a milder dose than the ones we got, so I’m very comfortable. It’ll be safe to travel now,” said Ms. Apie. 

Parents are considering this vaccination step as a safer means of protection for their sensitive children to allow them to travel. Certain private hospitals are also administering the vaccine as well.

Earlier the Pfizer vaccine was available to only 12 years and above, but now it’s been open for 5 years and above. 

The current covid vaccination is available for all the citizens and Dubai residents who have a valid Dubai residence visa and are aged 5 years above. Since adults had got fully vaccinated a long time ago, children were the ones getting highly affected by this virus. 

Though the risks of Sars-CoV-2 are lower among this age group, the number of new cases continues to increase amongst children between 5 – 11 years. The DHA had earlier stated that this is happening majorly because of the newly spread – omicron variant. 

Hospitals are incessantly reporting more children requiring excessive hospital careers since the omicron variant is circulating around the globe rapidly. Certain pieces of evidence suggest that children suffering from any genetic, neurological, or metabolic conditions are in great danger of getting affected by omicron. 

In the previous year, in October, the US Food and Administration had issued an emergency use authorization to allow the use of the Pfizer vaccine. This was done to increase children’s immune systems to prevent the virus from getting into children of 5 years and above. 

A somewhat similar concept is planned for Dubai; they aim at increasing children’s immunity and helping them to fight this virus. Reports say that the center was not crowded on the first day, and there were plenty of registration and vaccination rooms. 

At the registration desk, you will be asked for your child’s Emirates ID along with the passport number. Once the vaccination is done, children are free to visit the face painting area to distract their minds and relax. 

The results of various clinical studies indicate that the vaccine is totally safe and helps children to receive a strong immune system. It also says that people who were previously infected with any chronic disease and had got Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination can now easily get a booster shot.

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