Alia Bhatt Is the New Brand Ambassador for McAffeine

Published: March 23, 2022
Updated: April 2, 2022
Alia Bhatt Brand Ambassador for McAffeine

The mCaffeine brand has marked Alia Bhatt as its new image representative for the top-of-the-line body scours and amazing body washes range. The company widely commends various entertainers’ ecological drives. 

It further says the arrangement is to fabricate an invigorating, eco-accommodating, and dependable millennial brand together. Ths new move aims to expand their business along with sales through Alia Bhatt’s immense fan following and convert them into their potential customers! In quite a critical move towards extending its millennial effort. 

mCaffeine – India’s first stimulated individual consideration brand – has recently declared that the successful actress Alia Bhatt is the substance of the brand for its body wash and body scour. 

Alia Bhatt Is the New Brand Ambassador for McAffeine

The D2C brand is currently all set to overwhelm the individual consideration market with the essential relationship of the Celebrity Youth Icon as its absolute first brand representative. 

Remarking on all the coordinated effort, Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder, and CEO of mCaffeine had said “Keeping in mind our huge millennial audience, mCaffeine distills their young and bold sentiment while combining it with their first love, Coffee. 

We represent this extensive generation as a voice of reason for everything they strongly believe in, be it their daily hustle or daily self-care – for they are pretty quick to adapt. 

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He further stated that their range of body scrubs and body washes give everyone that kick and care for their skin, doing just what a millennial product should and making people’s lives easier but with no compromise on the quality. 

“With Alia’s extensive environmental initiatives, the actress is also a perfect fit for the sustainable and empathetic ethos everyone stands for. 

I am ecstatic that we will be working together and quite sure that it’s going to be a legendary and caffeinating journey, with Alia being the perfect face for our best selling body washes and body scrubs.” he added. 

Furthermore, the successful actor had stated that this entire organization has genuinely understood her love for coffee and combined it with her love of nature!

The actress further added that mcaffeine brings the joy of both – nature & coffee in a fresh yet millennial way. 

For every time someone requires to have a dose of refreshing shower they just need a coffee break! “PETA has certified mCaffeine products as vegan and cruelty-free and the brand has a zero plastic footprint. So they are good for you and good for the planet plus they have the fragrance of dark coffee. The coffee body washes and body scrub cleanse and caffeinate at the same time.”Alia said. 

This unique and reliable brand, founded by Tarun Sharma and Vikas Lachhwani in 2016, sells caffeine through its site and retails additionally through internet-based commercial centers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa among various others.

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